Smooth Grooves Club Dance

The “Smooth Grooves” dance program is for those who feel uncomfortable or like a fish out of water when at a dance club. You may be tapping your fingers or nodding your head to the beat of the music … but you’re sitting down or leaning on the bar or holding up a wall. That’s ok but you actually WANT to get out there and bust a move, or dance with the cute guy or girl or just dance confidently to the beat of the music and have fun.
Or you may feel good that you actually made it on the floor but are unsure of how to move and are too self concious that everyone is watching you and judging your dance moves to feel the music and enjoy yourself…. Let me tell you from experience, this never goes away until you learn. And, you’re never too old to learn. Believe it or not, dancing is a life skill that causes stress for many. It probably starts from School dances then there are night clubs, vacation parties, weddings, special events, retirement parties etc.
Two things I know for sure is that you’re never too old and anyone can learn. Dancing is a skill like any other that can be learned by everyone… even you.

Some of the skills we’ll focus on are…

– How to move your arms
– What to do with your head
– Learn to move / bounce to any beat
– How to look natural dancing
– Dancing with a partner

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