In the Classroom

Group Guitar Classes in Scarborough

The affordable, quality group guitar lessons at Mind Body Soul Studios will get you playing your favourite tunes in no time at all.

The course will include…
Tuning & guitar maintenance.
Music theory
Reading notes and guitar tablature Correct Seating and hand posture
Guitar technique
The beginner class goals include knowing the basics of technique, sitting position, strumming and being able to play a few simple songs that use 2-4 chords.
The level 2 program goals would include working on songs with more chords, and more complex chords like bar chords. Also we will start with the introduction of fingerstyle or classical technique.


Group Vocal / Singing Classes in Scarborough

Group Vocal / Singing classes enable you to develop your vocal range.  Whether you want to sing better in the shower or perform karaoke or just take your vocals to the next level, taking group vocal lessons will help you reach there.

Some take aways:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Better Breathing
  • Increase your upper and lower range
  • Creating a balanced and mixed voice between registers
  • Performance of your songs
  • Vocal exercises that will help you flow from note to note effortlessly. (These are great for vocal runs in Pop, R&B, Rock and Soul.) They add character to your singing style.
  • Note by note pitch tuning to ensure the melody is nailed every time.
  • Comments on your progress and suggestions.

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