Karate / Anti Bullying


Anti- Bullying

MBSS is offering an 8 class program for youth on Anti Bullying. Through this program, youth will understand and gain practical takeaways on:

  • bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • how to use personal power to resolve and prevent these problems
  • how to utilize other anti-bullying resources from home, school and the media

In our Anti bullying program, students gain confidence and develops anti-bullying skills that enable him/her to diffuse situations and fighting becomes a last resort.  This is done by instilling in our students the character building, morality and spirituality contained in the way of Karate.  When the concepts of  embracing a good moral character; an honest and sincere way, cultivating a spirit of perseverance; developing a respectful attitude and refraining from physical aggression are internalized,  are added with the confidence gained from Karate and anti-bullying  training, the student is able to effectively diffuse situations.

By teaching a student to be aware of their surroundings, how to sense danger, how to deal with strangers, hostile situations, and other stressful circumstances, they become less fearful, better equipped to rationally handle them, and more able to avoid or control them in a safe and efficient manner.

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3 Month Subscription

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6 Month Subscription

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