FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Question: Where are you located?

Mind Body Soul Studios is conveniently located in Scarborough in the Agincourt area, is on the TTC bus line and just minutes north of highway 401.

The address is:

4500 Sheppard Ave. East  Unit #36, Scarborugh Ontario M1S 3R6 (Get directions here)

Question: What is the cost for a class?

Mind Body Soul Studios prides itself in offering quality instruction at competitive prices.  Since our prices are subject to change and we offer many different courses and classes, it is better to visit our class booking page for current pricing.

Question: Can I start a progressive program after the 1st lesson?

It is possible to start a progressive program after the 1st lesson.  (The course will be prorated for the amount of classes remaining.)  Please note that we advise new students to join from the first class for a number of reasons:  If a student joins a progressive class and the other students are ahead, then there may be a feeling of frustration because they are not on the same level as the rest of the class;  The teacher can’t neglect the other students by spending a great amount of time to get the new student up to the same level

When are your classes?

We have a number of classes and our class schedules are subject to change.  Please see our weekly schedule page for more details.  And if more information is needed, please contact us directly.

Question: Why does MBSS favour paying on line?

MBSS promotes paying online via paypal ( paypal & visa ) so that the instructor doesn’t have to take time away from teaching the class to handle payments and book keeping.   The teacher can focus on teaching the class, and the students get their full hour and money’s worth of class.

Why does MBSS recommend students bring their own mats for fitness classes?
MBSS prefers students to bring their own mats because we find that most students prefer to bring their own personal mat for hygiene, comfort and familiarity with the mat type that they prefer. Because of this, we only keep a few mats on hand to be used in a pinch.

Do I need a partner for dance classes?

No… unless otherwise stated.

For our regular dance classes no partner is needed.  And, as a matter of fact, most students come to class without a partner.  During the class, we frequently rotate dance partners as this is an essential part of the learning to dance process.  Dancing with different partners helps in feedback of your technique whether you are leading or following.

For special events and workshops, we may state that you should come with a partner.

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