Class Booking

Dance courses run for 8 weeks.

(Please note: For all dance classes, drop ins are only available for the first two classes of the series or after that, by approval from MBSS staff) ( To book an individual drop in class, click on the “Book Now” button to get started. )

Calisthenic courses run for 8 weeks.  It’s not just a workout course to help you develop long lean strong functional muscles. Techniques taught for flexibility, building strength and proper posture will get you to your goals!  If you want to train in “street workouts”, have always wanted to do a muscle up, a handstand, a human flag and many more postures, MBSS is the place to do it.  Our top shelf instructors will help you reach your potential.

Dance Fit classes.  Zumba, Socacize, Zumba Strong!!!  There’s hardly a better way to get fit while you’re having fun.  It’s like having a one hour dance party to get fit, tone those muscles and shed some pounds.

Boot Camp classes.  We’ve put together a group of Boot Camp Special Forces instructors to put you through your paces.  You want to get fit? You want to get toned?  You want some muscle definition?  You want to get ready for summer?  You’re not afraid to sweat?  You want to work to reach your goals?  Well want not more!!!  MBSS boot camp sessions, with our fabulous instructors will help get you there.


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