Boot Camp

Fitness Boot Camps


Fitness Boot Camps are great for a full body workout.  Participants achieve gains faster because they are more motivated in a group setting that is led by a trainer (motivator) J.  They push themselves a little bit harder than they would working out alone.

Trainers at Mind Body Soul Studios use HIIT ( high intensity interval training ), circuit training and various other training modalities like the TRX suspension training that focus on body weight movements.  Each class will provide a well balanced workout but some classes will target specific body muscle groups like the glutes, abs, arms etc.

The boot camp class will help you achieve your fitness goals.  Whether you want to lose weight, gain strength and flexibility, train for your sport, improve endurance, body sculpt or any combination of the above, the Mind Body Soul Studios boot camp is sure to help you achieve your fitness goals.  And, as an added bonus, regular aerobic exercise helps release “feel happy” endorphins, and helps in maintaining health and combating stress.


Our rates for a 1 hour class are:

$12 for drop in.

$50 for a 5 class pass

$90 for a 10 class pass

$160 for a 20 class pass




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