Teria Morada-Fernandes

Latin Dance Instructor
Teria is an Entertainer, Professional Singer/Lyricist, Dance/Choreographer, former 2 time Jr. Canadian Rhythmic Gymnastics Champion & National Team Member. Also, a multiple Latin Dance Champion and a Professional & Exprienced, Dance & Fitness Instructor. Teria is the 2017 Entertainer of the year deemed by the Latin Community! Teria began training at the age of 3 and has performed and taught workshops all over the world since her teens. Teria was based in Hollywood, California 2002-2014 and then briefly in Guadalajara, Mexico before returning to her hometown permanently in 2015. Teria is proficient in Salsa and all types of Cuban & Latin styles, Samba, Belly, Bollywood, Jazz, Ballet, Afro and Persian dances. She choreographs for dancers and gymnasts all over the world from beginner to Olympic and World professional levels. In September 2016, she starred in the musical “Follow your Heart” a Love story of taboo and tradition, alongside many of her dance company members including her current Latin dance partner, Dreyser Garcia. Teria danced in 16 pieces and choreographed 8 in this production and was an integral part of the casting team. A few other credits include, Choreographer of Belly/Reggaeton fusion for the World Renowned Bellydance Superstars and the award winning short film Bollywood Invasion, The Toronto Salsa Festival, The Beijing Garden Expo and Beijing International Triathlon in China. In her earlier years, Lead dancer for the Tropicana (Canada edition) and The Bacardi Salsa congress in Puerto Rico to name only a few. Teria was also part of Los Rumberos dance company in Los Angeles and danced with Francisco Vazquez, the pioneer of LA style.
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