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Salsa is a sultry Latin dance started in New York in the 1970’s.  Salsa is a mix of many elements that when combined is greater than the sum of its parts.  Its roots are from Afro-Cuban dance forms.  Son, Son Montuno, Mambo and Cha Cha are some to name a few.  Salsa dancing has continued to evolve as it’s influenced by different geographical regions, other dance forms and of course dancers themselves.  The popular styles today are Los Angeles, New York, Cuban, Cali, Puerto Rican and Scarborough…

Ok.. Scarborough style salsa isn’t on the map yet …  BUT Mind Body Soul Studios will get it there. Read More…



Bachata is one of the most popular social dances in Latin America. It made its way from the Dominican Republic to many cities around the world including Toronto.  This exciting Latin  dance is following on the heels of Salsa in terms of popularity in the dance community.

It’s no surprise that many people want to learn and take part in this dance style.   Mind Body Soul Studios, located in Toronto ( Scarborough ),  offers fun Bachata dance classes for every level of dancer from beginners to experts. Taught by dedicated and professional instructors, these classes will get even the most inexperienced beginner on the dance floor in no time at all. Read More…



Kizomba came to life in the late 1970’s in Africa. It is a musical genre that was particularly listened to and danced in Angola.  It’s origins are from the faster paced Semba.  This unique dance continues to gain in popularity and has reached many other nations.  Like many other dances, Kizomba continues to evolve with each new region and their dancers that it touches.  Kizomba dance in Toronto is developing it’s own unique style also.

Now the Toronto Latin dance scene has a new element… Kizomba.   And at many social dances now, you’ll find Kizomba is played along with Salsa and Bachata.  Kizomba, with its natural, slow, rhythmic sound makes it good for couples dancing like Salsa and Bachata.  Read More …



Ballroom dancing is characterized as a partner dance in which couples move to the music with patterns that follow the tempo of the music.  Posture and the frame of the dancers are very important in this dance style.

Within the Ballroom dancing genre, there are two further groups.

One is the “smooth” style where the couple will move around the entire ballroom using large steps.  Three of these styles include Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango and are very graceful with the couple “flowing” around the dance floor.

The other is the Latin/Rhythm style.  These are energetic dances that reflect the syncopated rhythms of the music being danced to.  This style is characterized by the couple generally staying in the same area but frame and posture is still very important.  Examples of these styles include Swing, ChaCha and Rumba.  Read More…




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